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Unalive, Death God, Rat God, Strom Gods, Fire God, Nightmare Owl, vs. John & Lois. But they have friends, and support

Mortal Immortals, a Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci-Fi Book Series

Blending mythology, Fantasy, Paranormal, Steam Punk and and Science Fiction, Superbly!


In recent years the popularity of young adult fantasy books has surged thanks in part to the success of such series as 'Harry Potter', 'His Dark Materials' and 'A Song of Ice and Fire' which have all become household names around the globe and successfully made the transition from the printed word to film and television.

A newcomer to the genre is the brand-new, young adult fantasy book series, 'Mortal Immortal' a collection of five novels that follow the trials, tribulations and adventures of two main characters Lois and John, the the Wolf God and Ghost Witch. In a world that is beset by problems that we can identify with in real life, but centering on humanity's inevitable march to self-destruction our two protagonists face day to day dilemmas whilst dealing with the actions of the Gods along the way. These Gods that have lost control of the progress of mankind and the evolution of the planet, would see humanity thrown back to the stone ages for a 'new start' but along with the consequent annihilation of billions of lives.

This brilliantly crafted, feel-good story with its intricate plots and sub plots begins early in the 20th century and encompasses a span of almost 30 centuries over the several novels and short stories, which allows the reader to become utterly engaged with the story line and the development of the multitude of characters within. Character development and bringing life to them, within the framework of the story is fundamental to the success of this YA fantasy series, and it has been executed beautifully.

As with many science fiction novels and paranormal fantasy books the main target audience is young adults and teenagers, but these books will appeal to readers of all ages. The very best fantasy novels for teens manage to reach out to older generations due to the maturity of the concept of the story, and whilst being firmly based on fantasy are connected enough to the real world to be relevant.

In the myriad world of newly published Sci-fi book series and YA fantasy books, very few new titles stand out from the crowd and last the test of time. 'Mortal Immortals' could be destined to become a modern-day classic of a mixed genre and provide entertainment not only for today's teenagers but also those of yesterday and tomorrow. There is no need for you to miss out - start reading 'Mortal Immortals' today!

End of the world


If you liked The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hern, Elemental Assassin Series by Jennifer Estep, and the Bridei Chronicles by Juliet Marillier, you will like Mortal Immortals. On an Earth once guided by the old Gods, humans have become to numerous and the Gods feel that this is not sustainable. It is time to cull humans to the stone age, less than twenty-million, and allow nature to recover. But the Cosmic's need humans in the future but they can not intervene directly and chose three special souls and allowed them to live again. But these beings have to develop according to the laws of this universe and the Gods will try and stop them before they come to their Cosmic abilities. It become a race for their lives and humanities survival.

Introduction to the Book Series

The Mortal Immortal Universe is much like our own except the old gods exist. These Gods are bound to this one planet and if it dies, they die. But they are not just the caretakers of humanity, but of Earth and nature. To the gods, every living being has a soul, not only humans. Since humanity became the apex predator, the gods play war games to manage human primate numbers. But in the past millennia, the old way of managing a species through culling has become ineffective. Humans spread and procreate at an alarming number killing off other species to guarantee their survival. Even the Rat God of pestilence only manage to cull a third of humans with its Black Plague stopped by the God of Fauna, the Wolf.

With the aid of the Druid as protector and transport, the Wolf traveled to many human centers and spread its Divine immunity, until the Black Death failed. The Fire God, aided by the Storm Trinity sought to create a Great War but even in this, the Druid and Wolf Gods of Life set them back by a generation, but could not stop it. The Wolf God was banished and the Druid is close to the end of his this-life.

Yet, humans prevented the Great War from becoming the Never Ending War which surprised the Firebird and Storms. The Knights of St Patrick, the God Hunters with the aid of the Druid almost destroyed the Firebird as it sought to sabotage the Paris Peace Talks. But the Druid, is close to the end of his 500 year life span and the renewal will take twenty-five years before he can be the Druid again. That is too long and the Firebird's second Great War will start.

This time though, the Gods coordinate their effort. The Rat, God of Pestilence and disease had already created the Grey Flu which spread with soldiers traveling. To ensure success it merged the Black Plague with the Grey Flu and is ready to release his plague rats again. But, it has been almost twenty-five years since the Wolf God died and if it comes to its knowing, it will prevent a successful spread of the Black Plague. The Rat God has to destroy the Wolf God of Fauna before its new plague rats perish.

The First Book Golden eyed Wolf Goddess

The Cosmic Trinity, Sunn, Aeon, and Orib, foresee a time when humans will save the universe. Although humanity is destroying its planet and the Nature Gods want to cull them, this can not happen. If it does, this universe will also fail as countless before.

It is rare for a human mother and child to survive birthing the child of a god. God-children drain their mothers life-force before they can mature to birth. Thus, with the help of the Golden Eyed Wolf, Clarinda Wolfram, in a previous life, the Druid, God of Flora, had a son, who in turn had two set's of twins with his lady wife, Dame Regine. here too, the children birthed with their grandfathers divine life force and here too the Wolf God ensure that they birth safely.

Before the children could reach their time of knowing, the Fire God and Gods of Storms murdered the family. Although near death, the Druid saved Dame Regina and through Cosmic intervention, the Bergenee line continue through immaculate conception. But this is not enough!

The Crow, Goddess of life-forces and souls also had a granddaughter meant to welcome the Druid-son and his Witch-sister to the new lands. But the Vulture God of Death brutally violated the Crows grandchild and infected it with a Darkskin. If left to grow inside her, the granddaughter would become and eternal slave of the Vulture. Wajinkata TaReNee, Crow Granddaughter chose death.

The Cosmic Trinity intervened and so endangered the very fabric of reality. Thus, the Druid's grandson, John, is reborn. So too the Crow's granddaughter but both almost die at age ten. The Crows granddaughter is broken and ready to die and the Druids grandson believes he is going mad, conversing with his deceased mother. They are the two meant to prevent human culling's but before they can, they have to find the Golden Eyed Wolf to heal the granddaughter and the grandson has to get his head straight. They have to find the Golden Eyed Wolf before the reincarnated granddaughter dies.

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First Book of Mortal Immortals

Book 1, Chapter 1, John Smith

Owl-headed General Storm shattered my spine with a supernatural force from behind with a battle-ax, almost cutting me in half down the middle. As I fell, I watched Owl-headed Prince Pyronious stab a stiletto into my father's left eye and the Owl-headed Black She-Devil drive a short, broad-bladed spear into my younger brother's neck, loping Hunfried Hugo's head off his shoulders. Dying, I so want to scratch that itch on my back where the ax split my spine.

"I am sorry, my son and grandchildren," spoke grandfather, Druid Johan Bergenee. Surprised, Johan looked down at his chest, saw no blood, and felt no pain, except in that spot on the back of his spine still itched furiously. His Father, Lord Wolfgang Heinrich Bergenee, and his brother Hunfried Hugo were also checking themselves for injuries. Grandfather confirmed, "You are all dying, between your second to last and last heartbeat, my family. Soon your life force will disperse, releasing your souls to the Healing Plane. Come, sit while there is still time for me to thank you for your efforts. As we speak, we wait for you siblings and Lady Bergenee to arrive, too."

Mortal Immortals Ethereal Plane

Johan oriented himself, and verily, they were no longer in the Dresden Forest but under a violet burning sky, where all dying souls rested and waited for the White Tunnel Entrance to the Healing Plane. John Smith became aware that he was dreaming and would die if he went into the White Tunnel. He stepped away from the light and immediately started falling, falling, falling! Johnny was ten years old, and it was his first day at the boarding school. He just received a welcome thrashing by the school's seniors and now a paddling from Mother Superior for fighting on his first day. At every stroke of the thin cane, the Owl-headed Mother Superior chanted, "Thou shalt not raise they hand against they betters or they fellow man."

Little Johnny did not cry out but whimpered, "Mummy," and his mother's green gloved hand appeared and drew him out of the nightmare into her bedroom, where he eventually returned to his current size and age… Waking, John felt tired, with last night's nightmare still ghosting around in his head. He yawn-spoke, "Good morning, mother, and thank you again. The final exam pressure made my nightmares worse. Was I ever scared or frightened by owls? Why do my nightmares of the boarding school nuns always have owl-heads?"

"Good morning, my son. No, you were never frightened of anything. The Owl and your night terrors only manifested after my death and after that first thrashing in the boarding school. I cannot explain why you dream of Nightmare Owls. Why not talk about your dreams with Luis and see what he makes of them."

After his morning ablutions, dressed, John was out the door on his way to the Blue Beaver Tavern to meet Luis, still feeling groggy. He answered, "I like him well, mummy, but he will never say what he wants. He is a strange man and very likable, but I do not know what to do." Honestly, John liked him more than a man should like another man, and he felt ashamed.

As John turned into the park, the cold Boston Wind blasted him in the face, almost blowing his hat off. Everything seemed bleak in winter, especially a year after the Great War's end, with the gray Flu killing more people than the war. John hated the cold, and it was particularly chilly this morning. His bed was too short for his six-foot-two inches, and his feet stuck out, perpetually frozen in winter despite double socking.

John spotted Farnsworth, this time with five other ballers, which cheered him up. He was so busy this last year that he neglected his boxing and pankration and would not mind a little exercise to warm up a bit. They were solid ballers, for sure, but Coach Berg, the local pankration and boxing teacher, taught John how not to lose, even when he was a runt.

John almost smiled as Farnsworth called out, "Hey Smith, you faggot, didn't expect to see me again, did you, Smith?"

Yes, that was true. John thought that the first few times he thrashed the idiot Farnsworth with his usual two buddies, he would learn, but no matter. After his last meeting with Farnsworth, John tried to walk around the group, following his mother's advice to try and stay out of trouble.

One of his lackeys grabbed John's arm and tried to twist it up to his back. John recognized the arm bar technique, so he sped up his turn and elbowed his other arm into the ballers face. The baller let go of John's arm but stood staring at John, so John elbowed him again, avoiding his nose so that he would not get blood on his coat again. Another baller locked his arms around John from behind and held him.

As Farnsworth approached, John offered, "I am not staying in Boston, so leave off for a week, and you'll be rid of me."

Farnsworth looked at his buddy on the ground, then stepped forward into John's face and spoke, "No chance, faggot. Your kind has to be sorted out, here or elsewhere; it is God's will. After we finish you, we will visit your bum-chum Luis and fix him too. Aside, that was a sucker punch you hit me with last time, Smith,"

John hit the baller, holding him in a bear hug, with his hand to his nuts and head-butted Farnsworth. When freed, he drove an uppercut to Farnsworth's chin, lifting him off his feet, and driving the point of his elbow to the baller, still cradling his jewels. John had a temper and took down three more of the ballers before the last one raised his hands in submission.

John commented, "That uppercut was a sucker punch, Farnsworth, because you are a sucker. The last time, when you tried to punch my nose and missed, you hit my forehead and broke your knuckles all by yourself. I dislocated your jaw, and it will need setting. Goodbye, Farnsworth."

Farnsworth lay dazed on the ground with a dislocated jaw, surrounded by four football teammates. John walked around them, dropped his hands, picked up his hat, and saw a movement. John sidestepped the baller, who had given up and now tried to football-tackle him from behind. John avoided and tripped the fool who landed on top of Farnsworth. What idiots.

John picked up his hat again and walked on, asking, "Mother, why do they do that when they lose every time?"

His mother replied, "John, my dear, you need to get that fighting rage in check. At least three lads will need a few days in the hospital. Now John, slow your breathing and calm before you meet Luis." John did as his mother instructed, mostly anyway.

After walking through the park, John's thoughts returned to Luis. He frowned and wondered why this slim, tall, strange fellow with the whispering voice excited him so? It was not proper for a man to have such thoughts about another man. What was an appropriate way of looking at women and nuns anyway? What was a proper way of looking at women and nuns, for that matter?

John never felt drawn to any other person like he is to Luis. Was he a godforsaken buggerer? John continued to the Blue Beaver Tavern…

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