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Mortal Immortals, a Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci-Fi Book Series

Blending mythology, Fantasy, Paranormal, Steam Punk and and Science Fiction, Superbly!


In the sense of the Heralds of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey, Polgara the Sorceress by David Eddings, and The Ruby Throne, Elder Scrolls by Michael Moorcock, Mortal Immortals is an epic story spanning several millennia across our current time and into the distant future. Reincarnated grandchildren of Gods are sent back to save humanity from those who want to save Earth and nature by culling human primates.

So Far...

John and Lois found the Golden Eyed Wolf, Clara, but she was not mature, not to her knowing. Despite risking death, Clara drew the God of Deaths, the Vultures filth from Lois, but they died, all three. In the Ethereal plane between their second to last heart beat, the Crow Goddess of life forces and souls awaits them. Protecting her granddaughter from the Nightmare God, the Crow sacrifices her Divinity to save Lois and thus John and Clara, the Wolf Goddess. Here they discover who they are and the magnitude of their task. The Crows Divinity passes on to Lois and the Crow, Angom'taarene returns to the eternal cycle of birth, life and death. For the first time in countless milenia, she enters the White Tunnel to the plane of healing. Returned to their bodies, Lois is mistaken for Tycoon Stoddard's daughter and the Firebird, still recovering from the God Killer attack in Paris, sends the Storms to abduct Lois to have the Firebird in his human form Abernathy Pyronious marry her then kill the Stoddard's.

After a simple abduction plan fails, the Firebird and Storm plan a massive attack on the home of the Stoddard's where Clara was a maid and they all live together. They are not ready and have to find a way to fortify the manor, save the fifty staff, and prevent innocent from being caught up in their now private war. Fortunately, they are coming to their abilities and have a secret weapon, their Ghost Witch !

End of the world

Chapter One - Girl, God, and Ghost

Waking in their dream Awaanahe River Ranch, John wondered why the Dream Owl loomed over large and unmoving at the edge of their protective dome. No ogres, no owls, no nothing outside the dome except the Owl watching them with those shining unblinking dark purple eyes. Its outlines whisped about, making it indistinct at times. It was unsettling, disturbing their restful dreams. Resolutely, Lois turned away and focused on developing their dream ranch.

Peaceful and alive, the Awaanahe river ranch had livestock, a breeze, with nature and water sounds. When Lois showed them about, cows, sheep, horses, chickens, trees, and all that appeared from her memory. Then Lois smiled and imagined exotic plants and trees in the ranch's barren places. Lois and Clara slept on his outstretched arms and John did not want to wake them but needed to know if the marauders were a part of their dream or did it happen.

John whispered, "Mother, or is it Karla Amelia this morning?"

Karla Amelia replied, "Gueten Morgan Johan. Yes, more and more Karla Amelia, your sister, but I am still Mother Charlotte, auch. I have two memories of my first sixteen years and after that, I am Charlotte Amelia Smith, then your mother.

"Johan, your girls are feigning sleep, listening."

"Traitor," exclaimed Lois, and John retorted, "Treacherous wenches" They discovered a tickle point on John, and he lost the tickle fight! Trying to escape his relentless attackers, John fell out of bed and floated to the ground?

Slowly landing on the floor, John asked, "Is that you, Karla Amelia?" Duh! Who else?

Lois and Clara rushed to his aid, while Karla Amelia explained, "I think so, Johan. I just saw you fall, and well, as I did as your mother, I just caught you. Johan, what is happening to me?"

John argued, "But you have been opening doors for us and giving us a good night kiss. Is that not the same?"

Clara informed, "Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard, I mean, Humphrey and Virginia are awake and preparing for the day. Mrs. Ahote and Ethel have started breakfast, but momma and poppa have not returned from aunty, so Ethel will serve."

With Lois's, Clara's, and Karla Amelia's help, John stood, stretched, spoke, "I could eat a horse," and almost thought he could hear the sounds from the kitchen downstairs like Clara.

Lois and Clara scooted off to unpack, so John had a long shower and all the other. When he returned, Karla Amelia helped him dress; then, when he was ready, she joined his girls, and he took to reading the journal but could not concentrate.

The laughing, giggling, and some arguing coming from their bedroom had John well distracted. He sat back and enjoyed the happy feelings and the sound of laughter. Despite Karla Amelia's warning that Lois was stunning again, John lost his breath.

Exiting their bedchamber, Lois wore a stunning dark blue gown with matching mittens, aviator hood, boots, just everything blue except her face. Two large beautiful blue eyes glowed at John, then she smiled that wicked smile and assassinated him! Lois pirouetted, and her many petticoats billowed out like blue clouds, showing off her slender legs in blue ruffled petty pants, twirling on the balls of her feet.

Catching his breath, John heard Lois whispering to Clara, "Yes, it is worth it, my sisters."

Then he spotted Clara! She wore a russet brown soft material split skirted ensemble with a matching old-style military-style leather jacket, and her amber eyes shone goldedn.

Now Lois whispered to Clara, "I think he has noticed that you are a girl, Clara."

John wanted to protest, but his girl, ghost, and god erupted in laughter. Then they pulled him up from the seat and groomed him. It was a magnificent start to the day, worth being shot. Still feeling the spot where he caught the bullet in the shoulder, yes, not a dream, but it happened. Passing the murals to the small dining chamber, John spotted two more crows, number six and seven. Entering, Humphrey and Virginia greeted them like family, and Ethel smiled.

Everything appeared right with the world and for them, despite the recent event. The breakfast was thoroughly enjoyable, even if Ethel did not serve a horse. Laden with enough food for double the number of guests and more, John would not starve this day.

Intrigued, Virginia watched Lois deftly handling the cutlery with her dark blue leather mittened hands. Clara helped, but they made the interaction fun. As the one who wanted Lois well packed, including mittens, Virginia seemed relieved. There was a lot of giggling around the table, including from Karla Amelia.

Suddenly Clara announced, "Momma, poppa, and aunty have arrived."

Virginia offered, "Clara, we have more than enough space for a few guests and more food than we could eat with twice the number of people. I have never met Aretha's tribal sister and would like to meet her. Please invite them to join us for breakfast, with your mother and father, please."

Clara stepped to the service door, resuming her maid persona, curtsied, and spoke, "I will extend your invitation to them, Mrs. Stoddard." Virginia smiled an awkward smile. Clara was the Golden Eyed Wolf, and she acted as a maid.

Ethel already had three additional breakfast settings and chairs ready before Clara heard her parents arriving. Had she known that they would have the additional guests? John looked at Ethel questioningly, but she just smiled and curtsied.

A moment and Ethel went to the service door and opened it. Clara walked through, then stepped aside, holding the door open for a native woman with a bowler hat.

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