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Mortal Immortals, a Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci-Fi Book Series

Blending mythology, Fantasy, Paranormal, Steam Punk and and Science Fiction, Superbly!


There are a very few good fantasy book series like Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar, David Eddings Belgariad, Malloreon, and Elenium series or the Earth Sea series by Ursula k. Le , that allow you to immerse yourself and a different world, a story over several books not just one. The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold was one of the first that I noticed where a woman played a significant part in a male dominated society. It was refreshing to say the least. Such books inspired the Mortal Immortal series where woman play a major role but not in the male macho way. For that, they have John Ebenezer Smith.


John and Lois, with Clara and Kami, ended the Firebird at the cost of the Malhotra family and half of New London. Hundreds of Storm SS died and many townspeople were injured. In the subsequent showdown with the Storms, Hans ended the Firebird's Divine state, saving John, and Lois took on the Storm Lightning Eagle and destroyed it. Again, Hans fought hand to hand combat with Wanajuma'obi the God of Winds and won but only survived because Clara, the Golden Eyed Wolf healed him. Feiemo'chu the Goddess of Rains proved that she truly loves Lois and showed her true side by not siding with the Storms. She remains alive and as long as she does, the banished two parts of the Storm Trinity, lightning Caster and Wind Caller can not rebirth.

John is almost fully to his Druidic abilities but his Time Bending is still sketchy but usable. Kami has mastered Glamouring but there is more going on with her. She can Zauber which should be impossible in this universe. They have guessed that their helpful maid Ethel is a Causative Phantasmi, a House Demon that protects their home but despite Zarathustra, their magic everywhere house protecting them, she decided to stay on as their maid.

They still have to find the Rat. Warned that they are after it, they live in constant awareness that the Rat could strike anywhere, except in the magical Druidic Groves or Zarathustra. Their main aim is to end the deadly Grey Flu, and find the Rat God before it can do worse.

In South Africa, the Vulture God of Death senses the massive loss of life and inhabits a dead SS soldier's body in New London. He feels the presence of Lois, the Astral Flyer he marked for death and is puzzled how she can be alive and not his. He, the God of Death sets of to the New Lands to pay them a visit.

Lady Finnanigal, the daughter of the Knights of St. Patrick is injured in the showdown but Clara heals her. She reports to her father, the Lord Marshall of the Knights of St. Patrick, Good Killers, and he puts together a squad and also heads to New London.

It is Christmas, Lois's first, and they were hoping to spend it with their new found family.

End of the world

Another Attack?

TaReNee Manor and property was a mess after the Storms and Firebird attack and then turning into a hospital and temporary accommodation. The Dubois family took over TaReNee Manor with the view of making it TaReNee Hotel.

Algoma Ambrewster commandeered who she could, Recce, current homeless residents, anyone she came across to help with the external clean up. JB, the major and their structural engineer were still working on the upper levels, quietly fortifying the manor against projectiles.

Every Recce blended in as workers, future hotel staff, gardeners or contractors. Mr. Miller-Davis and family would make TaReNee uniforms, designed by Angelina and Aubrieta, their daughter and future bespoke tailors.

Enjoying a very late breakfast in Zarathustra, a phone rang? They had a phone in their dining chamber with a mini sun for a fireplace? Today, the sun shone a dull red as it it too had celebrated and drank too much.

"Ring-ring." John answered the telephone growing out of the wall.

"Mr. Smith? Really? The Major told me to pick up any phone and ask for Zarathustra." Yes, that is how it worked, they discovered recently.

Tomtom continued, "Sir, a solid medium sized man is giving away Golden Double Eagles as if they were going out of style. They are sending people to New London, even bums, sir. I am just to tell you this and that I will continue to monitor the situation in Redfern."

John did not know what to do with that. By the sound of it, it was a courtesy call organized by the major to keep them informed in Zarathustra. Okay, well enough. John sat down and tried the ocher colored honey pancake.

A half-hour later, "Ring-ring." John answered, "John Smith."

Silence then, "That really works? I picked up the phone and asked the switchboard to connect me to Zarathustra. They switchboard operator told me she would need more information, then you answered." It was Helmut, one of the two that is their protection detail when they are out and about.

Helmut continued, "Anyway sir, Gunther and I, Helmut, are vagrants sleeping rough in an alley behind Jovene's warehouse and Don Delaluca's restaurant in New York. We followed Jovene to Delaluca, his cousin and they are both gathering their me. Jovene's men loaded a truck full of gasoline drums, and an impressive number of rifles, pistols, and Thompson machine guns."

Helmut paused, then continued, "I am not sure this is relevant but when I reported to the major in TaReNee, she told me to tell you. Jovene youngest son passed, and the funeral is in the next few days. Also, we spotted several Jovene and Delaluca thugs with American Double Eagle coins. Sir, the major has recalled us to TaReNee."

John thanked Helmut, and it was clear to their minds, someone is organizing an attack on them. A stray thought from Karla Amelia showed the half eagle man saving the Storms in her previous lives when the Druid set the ambush.

Aretha asked John to hold the speaker, looking at the wall as if the phone would disappear or eat her. She had John holding the earpiece and spoke, quite loudly, "CAN I SPEAK TO ESTER WILLIAMS, please." Aretha was slowly coming to terms with Zarathustra, too.

Ester reported that Apaanahe fishers spotted Pales wearing bits and pieces of uniforms, including SS, heading to Light Tower Island just off the mouth of the Awaanahe River. She added that many men in SS uniforms or parts of SS uniforms also booked into the New London Hotel, just for the night before they moved on to Boston, or so they stated. They paid with double-headed eagles.

Hans, standing by Aretha, asked Zarathustra to connect him with the Apaanahe Hotel where Ky and Cristaal, now working there, confirmed Ester's report by adding that many of the men were heavily armed, like Lady Finnanigal.

Aretha asked Zarathustra if she could speak to Ester again. Aretha asked Ester to put the Watcher Network on high alert. Ester confirmed that she already had and since the recent events, all the tribal members were helping. She suspected that some of those who helped may be Lois's Awaanahe. Ester would be at New London Telephones main switch board organizing for another attach.

Virginia came to John and asked Zarathustra to connect her with Algoma Ambrewster, the estate's chief gardener. While they waited, John thought he would ask her to plan out a ring of Oak trees around TaReNee and down the driveway. When Algoma came to the phone Virginia told her that there would be another attack. She and her family should move to Zarathustra as quickly as possible, but not obviously.

Virginia instructed, "Just grab Jacob and his family with just what you need and walk into the forest. No, do not worry about becoming lost. Trust me my dear, it will be fine and everyone will be safe."

The general acceptance of the Druidic forest and Zarathustra from Virginia was surprising until they recalled who Virginia is or was. Had she lived to twenty-one in her previous life, she too would have become a Glamour Witch like her older sister, Karla Amelia.

No one else noticed but John did and through him Lois, Karla Amelia, Lois and Clara. Their dining room grew and Virginia felt it but the others did not notice.

A second window appeared, the fireplace grew and had a blue sun, the far side of the room developed a table with maps on it, and Ethel was already setting up coffee and tea kettles. So, Ethel either saw it or naturally reacted.

John looked out the window and watched as a saddler's workshop and living quarters developed at the side of the barn. Oh, the wolves also saw it and moved. That was for Jacob, Alma, and her three sons. Right next to it grew a greenhouse with living quarters for Algoma, and somehow the barn-stable did not have a larger footprint. The wolves looked a little put out but then seemed to shrug and resettle in the sun elsewhere.

Not long after, the families arrived, including several Recce. Again, the wolves looked a little put out by all the two-legged, but were distracted by the children, who attached them! What a turnaround. Huge wolves attacked by pre-teens!. Something for Esters newspapers.

Everyone found themselves in the right place including Recce who found their way into their expanded dining room. Humphrey noticed something, looked at John, laughed, shook his head and joined Hans, Omawakahe, and a small group of Recce around the table with the map of New London and surrounds. John joined them. Clara, Aretha, Karla Amelia, remained with their guests.

John almost fell over, when Lois took off into the Astral. She checked the area about the forest and TaReNee Manor. Lois flew through the TaReNee then the Apaanahe Hotel. She spotted former soldiers and former SS eating, sleeping, resting, and cleaning their firearms. She did not find a colored life force.

John, Clara, and Karla Amelia joined Lois on her flight to Lighthouse Island. Karla Amelia Glamoured what they saw above the war table. They were almost bowled over by the number of men and some women on the island, but no colored life forces.

Lois found the Scarface easily. Small amounts of life force still seeped through his injury from the Knickerbocker Hotel attack and his scare shone brightly too. Hans estimated at least two hundred men. Lois flew further afield.

About ten minutes later flying westwards towards New Heaven, they found another group of men, about fifty and one with a white and stormy life force. The Eagle headed man. This group was highly trained. The fifty men all slept in neat rows in a barn while Storms sone with one other occupied the farmhouse. Then Lois discovered the farm family they killed, husband, wife, grandparent and three children. Lois flew back, distressed. They withdrew to their private chamber.

John tried hard not to think of the Rat, but he could not hide anything from Lois. This reminded Clara that they should continue with their visits to worlds major cities to spread her Gray-flew immunity. John wanted to argue but Karla Amelia thought it a good idea.

Hans, the Major, Archaimbaud, Wehtu, JB, and the Recce did not need them underfoot. Humphrey, Virginia, and Ethel would continue to host their guests. Lois launched into the Astral. This time she flew low, able to see through the earth and find colored life forces in the ground. Her sight reached about twenty-feet below the surface so she would notice the Rat's rats.

Hans with Archaimbaud taught John to shoot accurately with his Mousers. Karla Amelia took a Mouser apart and after several attempts Zaubered Mousers into John's hands. She could also Zauber bullets!

With their enhanced eyesight and Lois's guidance in the Astral, John joined the morning hunt for Rats around TaReNee Manor after Christmas. They found a few, but since then, none, except one. One solitary rat watching TaReNee Manor from a hillock across the road from TaReNee. It was in John's sniper range, but they left it there.

When they came back into the dining chamber, their guests were gone, and there was a tension I the air that one could cut with a knife. Ethel, their House Demon, a Causative Phantasmi by the Druids and Clara's memory, looked at eased and served Hot Stoddies to everyone, including Recce coming in and out of the dining come war room. She was the one who prevented Rat's entering TaReNee and possibly more. Now came the hard part, waiting for something to happen.

They hoped they had a few days or even until Monday, the first full week in January to recover and enjoy the holidays. If this is what it was like for the Druid, John could fully understand why he gave up his Divinity to become an ordinary soul.

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